Monday, July 11, 2011

Alone in the Dark

Today I will be going over a bit of a review as well as a short tutorial for the game "Alone in the Dark". First Id like to say that I extremely enjoy this game. Your character wakes up in a mysterious make shift hospital with no memory of his former self. I personally found that the blinking effect really sucked in all honesty. As my friend failed many times, one must remember to blink, if you do not do so you will die. Not to fret though, this painfully annoying mechanic will not be necessary in the near future. To blink just press in the right thumb stick.

While the game does provide a general tutorial for the most part, it lacks in some major details which would make your gaming experience much easier. One such detail lies in the jacket. Your jacket acts as your primary bag, with many holsters. It will contain many essential items which will be crucial for survival. While this game masks itself as just a horror game I find it as more of a survival game. To survive you must check every corner, desk and hole in the floor to find important items, one such item is the flashlight. Often times you will find yourself in extremely dark places, during which your flashlight will be your only source of light. With this said leaving your flashlight on the whole time will not work out well. Just like in the real world, your flashlight will not have an unlimited amount of power, like many things it runs on batteries. Conserve your flashlight only for times when it is absolutely necessary. While you can collect batteries, your character, apparently, is not smart enough to change the batteries himself, but instead you have to open your jacket and "combine" the batteries with the flashlight.

Other items can be combined to form weapons, such as the lighter and mosquito spray to form a make shift flamethrower. While I have just started to play this game I will be posting more helpful hints as I learn them myself.

"Till next time, in the lobby"

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