Monday, July 18, 2011

Alone in the Dark: Part 3

So, my friend, Blade579, and I have progressed in the game, "Alone in the Dark". Although there has been many times that we have been so frustrated with the game, the option to poor lighter fluid on the xbox did seem appealing. Regardless we stuck through it and got much further, granted i doubt we at all close to the ending, we have progressed. Which brings me back to the list of things we hate about "Alone in the Dark".

*Text messages


*Evil trees

This officially concludes our list of things we hate about, "Alone in the Dark"... until we find more things we hate. Anyway here are some helpful hints to those who get stuck in some of the places we did.

1) Don't forget you can blink! trust us it can help

2)Don't get obsessed over clues that could possibly mean NOTHING!

3)Don't forget about weapons on the floor. I know it seems stupid, but trust us they are always around and they will never run out of ammo.


And that is all the helpful hints I have for you today.

This is smightnight saying,

"Till next time, in the lobby"

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